Media Tips/PR Tips

One of the hardest thing about being a small business owner is the amount of time spent on sales calls and “cold calls”. While everyone cannot afford an agency, here are a few things to ask when purchasing advertising and also a few tips PR tips. Also, you don’t pay for editorial coverage. When someone wants to cover your local business for TV news, it should not cost anything unless it is an advertorial (which is sales). PR is free. Advertising is paid. Be honest, if you are not interested, don’t have a budget or just don’t like a product, just say NO. You are not being mean. You are saving yourself time and the salesperson’s time.



1.) How long is the contract?

2.) How many competitors are in the publication?

3.) Please send me a breakdown of your distribution list, not just how many publications are printed. Who gets them? What is the zip code breakdown?

4.) NEVER meet with a salesperson that will not send you a media kit first. I have found in my many years of experience, that if people are afraid to send you details for the publication, you should think why? What are they hiding?



1.) Try to get a frequency of at least 3.0. Don’t fall for the 100 spots for 1k. They are most likely showing your commercial when no one is watching TV.

2.) Have a nice 15 and 30-second spot available.

3.) Endorsements



1.) Endorsements

2.) Weather and traffic sponsorships



1.) Run b-roll or a video before your digital ad.

2.) Optimization and partnership is key.

4.) Post frequently and use pictures. People love pictures and testimonials.

5.) Find a digital platform so you can schedule and post to your different outlets throughout the day.

6.) Do polls and offers. People love free stuff!

7.) If you buy from a digital-only publication, sponsor a newsletter and don’t just place an ad. Web ads can become visual clutter if not placed or designed effectively.

8.) Engage your audience. Ask questions, do giveaways, have polls. Just don’t sell, have a conversation.



1.) Who do I send a press release to?

2.) Send out press releases a minimum of 4 weeks out. Don’ just email people but pick up the phone and call.

3.) Network.

4.) Create partnerships with like-minded brands.

5.) Have a nice social media presence: web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.